Friday, July 11, 2008

Nellie photograph

This is what we did twenty five years back..

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Gokul Bhagabati said...

Have been thinking of writing a comment on this for a long time now! But it involves a risk...risk of sounding rectionary!! But do i need to care? Perhaps not. Let me play the devil's advocate!

Well the issue is of the 'politics of silence'! Nellie is a perfect example. Amartya Sen once said...silence is the perfect enemy of social justice...rightly so.

But do we want a Pravin Togodia to tell us everytime that Muslims had destroyed the temples of Hindus! Do we have a right to silence him? Do we have right to silence Raj Thakrey?

I don't know...But are some silence necessary for the larger interest of the society...for the fragile fabric of the Indian society?
Hey, written a blog on Teaching- a thankless job?

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